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Fred de la Bretonière

  1. Strategy

Fred de la Bretonière is a Dutch fashion and accessories designer.

During his growth as a independent brand, Fred de la Bretonière had developed a proliferation of online channels. After having developed his webshop, the web analytics indicated that his customers wanted one central channel. In cooperation with Lazzo, Rein consulted on how to best approach and implement the merging of the different channels under one website, with the webshop being the main focus.

First a review was conducted of the current functionalities of each platform. Based on the outcome of this assessment, new Axure prototypes were developed that interactively illustrated how the webshop would be the primary interaction point for visitors and how the other platforms would interact and support that functionality.

The final webshop had a strong focus on brand experience through its design and interaction. Combined with easy to find information and custom analytics reports, it achieved a clear focus on online sales. However, as a result of major strategic adjustment towards the B2B market, Fred de la Bretonière has phased out the webshop at the end 2012.