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  1. Strategy

Skylines organizes the world’s real-time photos with love from the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The platform indexes over 5 million photos a day sent through services Twitter, Instagram, Twitpic, Yfrog and Lockerz.

Skylines started as a mobile sharing app. During their early start-up phase Skylines was having a hard time getting their ideas aligned and implemented in the user experience design. Rein was asked to bring structure and focus to both the current user interface sketches as well as the process to develop the app's future interaction model.

During the first session it turned out that all of the designs were in PowerPoint. So the first action was to print them and pin them on a wall for everyone to fully visualize. This allowed the team to get a clear overview of the different user journeys and highlighted several inconsistencies. These also highlighted the complexity of the app's current design. Then Rein led the development of new iterations that showed Skylines that the focus of the app had to be reconsidered. After successfully pivoting, the start-up now has a clear and marketable focus, and has developed into an online image search engine.